Caution: Rant Alert!

It is that time of year. Not actually Christmas itself, but the period before Christmas when everyone is thinking about what to buy for presents. The grandparents, sensibly, have come to us to ask for ideas for what to buy the kids. This is A Good Thing. No one likes to waste money, what the kids are into changes with the setting sun and I have a very low tolerance threshold for rubbish toys.

So, after some deliberation I have come up with a list of toys designed to suit everyone. You want to get something small? Check. You want to buy something that costs about £20? Check. You want to buy a toy that has batteries in? You are banned from my house and never darken its threshold again/if you absolutely have to then check but my smile will be forced and I will have my revenge elsewhere. Most of all, I try to make sure that the toys will have an element of longevity, will last longer than the 10 minutes after they are unwrapped.

Sorting out this bloody list takes forever, but sorted it I have. Now there is only one, last, seemingly small but insurmountable problem: The Husband.

‘my Mum won’t want to get them that, she’ll want to do this’

‘my Mum will want to spend more money on them than that’

‘why does your Mum get to give the good presents?’

‘my Mum has to travel this year, so she wants to get them something smaller’

I DON’T CARE! You asked me to make the sodding list. If you don’t like what I’m recommending then get something else. But don’t keep on coming back to me to come up with more ideas. And enough already on the my mum / your mum thing. My Mum came up with an idea, I thought it was a good one, she’s running with it. Your Mum can buy whatever she wants for the boys. You think my Mum gets more of everything with the kids: time, better present ideas, better everything. I think I try to be fair and give both grandmothers plenty of grandchild time. If you want to the kids to spend more time with your mother, then go right ahead and take them over whenever you want. If you want your Mum to buy more eye catching whizzy presents for them, then feel free to come up with the thing to get. What I am not going to do is take an idea that my Mum had, say ‘hey Mum, great idea, do you know what, let’s get the other Granny  to buy it because Husband is having a hissy fit about which Granny is more favoured’.

I know full well what is going to happen. It happened last year too. After all the shenanigans about whose parents are buying what, the grandparents have been given the best toy recommendation of them all, the thing that the kids do actually really want. I have been assured that they will buy them, so haven’t bought them myself. The Grandparents then go off list and purchase something completely different. So, on Christmas Day, I will be the one who will be dealing with the disappointment of two little boys who haven’t been bought the one thing that they really wanted.

Additional Note: I don’t mean to sound all spoilt and petulant about people buying my children presents. I really am most grateful to everyone who does. Well, maybe not everyone. Those buying annoying toys which pay an electronic tune will earn my plots of revenge rather than gratitude. But you know what I mean.


1 Response to “Caution: Rant Alert!”

  1. 1 TheMadHouse December 9, 2009 at 6:53 pm

    I am with you on this, infact my mother has already gone and got the one thing we were getting the boys!!

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