An Honest Husband

I’m delighted that my husband is honest, of course I am, but there are times when I wish he could be a tiny bit devious and tell a white lie. I don’t mean a white lie as in my bum doesn’t look big in this. You see we were being all sensible and buying life insurance (a friend of ours died recently leaving a wife and 3 young children). When it came to the question ‘have you had a cigarette in the last 12 months’ he answered ‘yes’. He was quite ashamed and had to admit to me that he has a crafty cig when he went on his work Xmas do. Now he’s never smoked, only the odd drunken cig in a pub, but his honesty has costs us £10 per month on the insurance. I can’t believe he ticked a box and cost us £120 per year. What washe thinking? They’ll never find out. I’d never have found out if he hadn’t filled in the form. I called him an idiot. He thought I meant he was an idiot for smoking (which he is) but I told him he’d cost us money we can ill afford. So was he right to be honest?


1 Response to “An Honest Husband”

  1. 1 prem2pram January 15, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    Yes your husband was right to own up to the odd cigarette because God for bid you should ever need to claim on that insurance and it was revealed that your husband had lied, the insurance would then be null and void and it would end up costing far more than £120 a month.

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