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Wake Up In-Laws!

Dear Mother and Father in Law:

You are lovely.  You’ve welcomed me into your family and you give your 6th grandchild a lot of love and affection.  But why the HELL can you not buy her some things every now and then?  For her first Christmas, you gave us £40 in cash in a card for her ON CHRISTMAS DAY.  You couldn’t even give it to us ahead of time so we could actually buy something and have it for her to open!  She may have only been 6 months old at the time, but she still loved presents and opening them.  Cold hard cash is not quite so fun.  Other than Christmas and, so far, 1 birthday, you’ve never bought her anything.  Wait, I take that back.  You scrounged around Wilkinson’s to buy her a £1 colouring book to have at your house.  Yes, I forget, that’s all she needs, isn’t it?

You know that we don’t have much money.  You know what she likes to do, what her favourite shows are, what her favourite toys are.  You just went out this weekend and spent several hundred pounds on a new telly for your kitchen.  A gorgeous, flat-screen number.  Seriously, couldn’t you maybe have taken some of that money and bought a few things for your youngest, and potentially, last grandchild?  You know how much she loves Duplo and you now know how much it costs because I have told you.  Couldn’t you just take it upon yourself to drive to Toys R Us to buy her one of the sets that would just make her day? 

My family aren’t here.  They are very far away yet when we visit them or when they visit us, they bring gifts and things to make their granddaughter happy.  I’m not overly materialistic and I don’t think that our daughter should have too much but really, would it kill you to just buy her something FOR THE HELL OF IT.  It doesn’t have to be a holiday or special occasion to give someone something but apparently you think it does.  It’s not fair to deprive her of things just because you can’t be bothered.  I know you love her but think for a minute about buying her one or two things just because you can.  You are also aware of how keen we are for her to do something like Tumble Tots.  Couldn’t you possibly offer to pay for one or two sessions of it so that she can try it?  You know we can’t afford it yet it would be nothing for you.  I’d just really like, for once, for your grandchild to be spoiled by you.  That’s what grandparents are for, isn’t it??


Your Disgruntled Daughter-in-Law


My Father In Law


My dear, lovely Father in Law, who i do actually quite like, but like most people with their Mother In Law – i have issues, so thought i would share this one – mostly to see if anyone suffers the same!
Its mostly to do with the relationship he has with my son & his two cousins (my husbands brothers children).
An example –
My father in law is fortunate to go on a fair few holidays (which i am v. jealous of, but that’s not my point!) and always seems to make an effort to go and see my sons cousins the day before he goes & as soon as he gets back. He rarely, if not never, asks to come ’round to see my son – unless he is calling ’round for another reason anyway, and then, i shall give him his dues – he will come ’round earlier than planned/leave later than needed to spend time with my son. He also treats all the cousins in the same in regard to birthday presents etc.
Now, my son is the youngest of the 3 cousins, and so i can see that he hasnt been in his ‘world ‘ for as long – but surely, that makes him even more special? Ok – maybe that’s just a mothers way of thinking 😉
There are other examples – but it would take me too long to list them all & it would bore you all rigid.
I just really dislike that i always have to make the effort for my son to see his grandad & that i dont think he holds him in the same regard as his other cousins.
Now, i have mentioned this numerous times to my hubby, but i think that he is just thinks i’m being silly.

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