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10 Things

In the light of recent meme’s going around….

10 things you don’t know about me and I’m too polite to say under normal circumstances…

1.  I have an in-box in my head that I just store all the shit.

2. I am good at building brick walls – emotional ones that is.

3. At this minute, right now, I have never been so anxious.

4. I am prone to drinking too much.

5. I like my own company, I’d quite like to crawl into a cave and stay there for a few days, with alcohol obviously.

6. I used to wonder if anyone would me miss and even if I would miss anyone.

7. I am a pessimist of the highest order, the worst will always happen.

8. I am slowly sinking into my own pit of despair, but no-one knows.

9.  I look in the mirror and see my mother’s reflection staring back – it makes me want to smash the mirror.

10.  The in-box in my head is now overflowing and I have just realised I don’t have a coping strategy.

11.  I’ve been here before, a few times. I know it will pass.


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