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Wake Up In-Laws!

Dear Mother and Father in Law:

You are lovely.  You’ve welcomed me into your family and you give your 6th grandchild a lot of love and affection.  But why the HELL can you not buy her some things every now and then?  For her first Christmas, you gave us £40 in cash in a card for her ON CHRISTMAS DAY.  You couldn’t even give it to us ahead of time so we could actually buy something and have it for her to open!  She may have only been 6 months old at the time, but she still loved presents and opening them.  Cold hard cash is not quite so fun.  Other than Christmas and, so far, 1 birthday, you’ve never bought her anything.  Wait, I take that back.  You scrounged around Wilkinson’s to buy her a £1 colouring book to have at your house.  Yes, I forget, that’s all she needs, isn’t it?

You know that we don’t have much money.  You know what she likes to do, what her favourite shows are, what her favourite toys are.  You just went out this weekend and spent several hundred pounds on a new telly for your kitchen.  A gorgeous, flat-screen number.  Seriously, couldn’t you maybe have taken some of that money and bought a few things for your youngest, and potentially, last grandchild?  You know how much she loves Duplo and you now know how much it costs because I have told you.  Couldn’t you just take it upon yourself to drive to Toys R Us to buy her one of the sets that would just make her day? 

My family aren’t here.  They are very far away yet when we visit them or when they visit us, they bring gifts and things to make their granddaughter happy.  I’m not overly materialistic and I don’t think that our daughter should have too much but really, would it kill you to just buy her something FOR THE HELL OF IT.  It doesn’t have to be a holiday or special occasion to give someone something but apparently you think it does.  It’s not fair to deprive her of things just because you can’t be bothered.  I know you love her but think for a minute about buying her one or two things just because you can.  You are also aware of how keen we are for her to do something like Tumble Tots.  Couldn’t you possibly offer to pay for one or two sessions of it so that she can try it?  You know we can’t afford it yet it would be nothing for you.  I’d just really like, for once, for your grandchild to be spoiled by you.  That’s what grandparents are for, isn’t it??


Your Disgruntled Daughter-in-Law


An Honest Husband

I’m delighted that my husband is honest, of course I am, but there are times when I wish he could be a tiny bit devious and tell a white lie. I don’t mean a white lie as in my bum doesn’t look big in this. You see we were being all sensible and buying life insurance (a friend of ours died recently leaving a wife and 3 young children). When it came to the question ‘have you had a cigarette in the last 12 months’ he answered ‘yes’. He was quite ashamed and had to admit to me that he has a crafty cig when he went on his work Xmas do. Now he’s never smoked, only the odd drunken cig in a pub, but his honesty has costs us £10 per month on the insurance. I can’t believe he ticked a box and cost us £120 per year. What washe thinking? They’ll never find out. I’d never have found out if he hadn’t filled in the form. I called him an idiot. He thought I meant he was an idiot for smoking (which he is) but I told him he’d cost us money we can ill afford. So was he right to be honest?

I would like to…

A little bit of background may be useful before I rant away!

I have not lived at home for almost 10 years. Since leaving home I have married and had a son. My mum is going through a very rough patch at the minute, she has had to move out of her home and is now living with me and my family. Now do not get me wrong, I love my mum to the moon and back and I am very very proud of her for making the hard decision she has and for having the strength and courage to move on with her life down a road that will be very bumpy for a while.

However, I would like to……

….. Walk from the bedroom to the bathroom stark naked in the night without fear of bumping into her

….. Be able to go to the many doctors and hospital appointments that I am going through at the minute without having to lie about where I am going like a naughty little schoolgirl.

…. Have duvet nights in front of the fire with my husband

…. Not come home to a pile of pots that were not created by me

… the first person my son calls for when he falls over

….dominate the laptop so i can tweet and blog
….not have the entire house woken up at 6am when she gets up and showered
….have friends around for the evening without wondering whether we will be alone

….to find the tea, coffee and sugar pots in the right order (its universal!) and not keep ending up with a cofftea (tea and coffee) instead of tea and sugar.

…to find the lid on the kettle closed properly and not have a counter top covered in boiling water when I pour the kettle

….to come home from work and when there are 2 other adults home an hour before be it would be nice if between then they could have at least started the dinner.

But most of all…..

I would like to be able to have rough, loud, bed shaking sex!!! Without having to force my hand over my mouth!!!

Happy Families?

Was going to write out a huge rant with the whole prelude to today’s  fiasco, but will instead just say that today I have flipped at my family and said, ” I am fed up of  you criticising my kids, they have behaved impeccably given the circumstances, its 6.30 and dinner was meant to be served at 5, I have had enough of this” and stomped off. 

Result was that our Christmas meal was eaten in silence in a horrid atmosphere.  We have come home and no-one is speaking to me and the worst is that we are meant to go round tomorrow for Boxing day (except OH is going to football so would be me on my own with the 3 kids).  I know I will have to apologise, even though I was justified in what I said, but actually it is mum who should say sorry, but as is usual when there is an argument she goes all “victimy” until I grovel.

I am promising myself that next year, rather than trying to please everyone, we are staying at home, just the five of us.

What really broke my heart was my daughter saying, “mummy, Nan was cross and Christmas wasn’t really how I expected it to be” she saw my face and added, ” but I did have a nice time” to then try and cover up what she had said. I now feel utterly utterly miserable.

The only one who can?

Don’t you sometimes just have those days where you wonder if you’re the
only person “who can do” – I do, pretty much every weekend when my
husband is off work and my step-son is home for the weekend. 
Apparently I’m the only one who realises that the baby’s nappy needs
changing more than once in a day, that things need putting away when
they are finished with, that the kitchen needs cleaning after meals,
that the dishwasher needs emptying, that wet towels need picking up off
the floor, that dirty clothes don’t live on the end of the bed, that
shoes and jackets go in the cupboard NOT on the hall floor!?!?  I could
go on and on and on!!!  And then when I finally reach bursting point
and say something, they look at me like I have three heads or even
worse with the pitiful look and ask if I’m feeling poorly?  NO I’M NOT
make matters worse when I finally get to sit down and relax my husband,
step-son sit cuddled up on the sofa in front of the TV and baby girl
goes and sits with them so I feel like the bad guy that no-one wants to
be near.

Of course I sit here and say that I will stop doing everything that I
do and then maybe they will see just how much I do BUT I just can’t do
it, I can’t live in a messy, dirty house and they know that.

My Father In Law


My dear, lovely Father in Law, who i do actually quite like, but like most people with their Mother In Law – i have issues, so thought i would share this one – mostly to see if anyone suffers the same!
Its mostly to do with the relationship he has with my son & his two cousins (my husbands brothers children).
An example –
My father in law is fortunate to go on a fair few holidays (which i am v. jealous of, but that’s not my point!) and always seems to make an effort to go and see my sons cousins the day before he goes & as soon as he gets back. He rarely, if not never, asks to come ’round to see my son – unless he is calling ’round for another reason anyway, and then, i shall give him his dues – he will come ’round earlier than planned/leave later than needed to spend time with my son. He also treats all the cousins in the same in regard to birthday presents etc.
Now, my son is the youngest of the 3 cousins, and so i can see that he hasnt been in his ‘world ‘ for as long – but surely, that makes him even more special? Ok – maybe that’s just a mothers way of thinking 😉
There are other examples – but it would take me too long to list them all & it would bore you all rigid.
I just really dislike that i always have to make the effort for my son to see his grandad & that i dont think he holds him in the same regard as his other cousins.
Now, i have mentioned this numerous times to my hubby, but i think that he is just thinks i’m being silly.

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